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Anonymous asked:
Dear Hibari,I think the I love you. You have a nice face and eyes. You make me smile a lot. You should be more sociable. Someday I will talk to you. You + me = something weird but cute. If I saw you now I’d run and hide. I want to hug you. I would build house (? just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be Always-blink 182. We could stay in silence under the stars. Love, a anon (P.S. I think Roll is cute.)

"What terrible grammar this letter has. Any letter addressed to be should have proper grammar," were the first words out of his mouth after reading the message. He was after all someone that enjoyed the company of those that were smart, much like how he didn’t mind the company of Sasagawa Kyoko. "I refuse to socialize with herbivores. One is more than enough to handle at a time, thanks. And of course you would run. Almost everyone does at my appearance. So long as it isn’t in the school. I’d have to bite you to death for that. And building a house for me would be pointless. Unless something happened to mine, then I’d make sure you rebuild it and pay for it all too, anon herbivore."

  1. sixrottingdead said: ((I LOL’D AT THE PROPER GRAMMAR. OMFG, LET ME LOVE YOU?!))
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